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My life story

My Name is Juan Felipe Moreno Guzmán

I was born in El Espinal- Tolima, the 14 of august of 1998 in the clinic San Rafael

my father´s name, Orlando Moreno ,He is police and my mother called María Isabel Guzmán Gómez ,not work

Cabeza Cabeza Cabeza Cabeza Cabeza

Daniel Orlando Moreno Guzmán, He is 16 years old , I have only one brother and i'm the second

I live at the career 8 N 7-27, in the center neighborhood

My favorite food is rice and beans

My favorite sport is cycling

My best friend is Marco Tulio Hernández Hernández

I have afraid of losing my parents

My pet is a dog, and is called Lucas

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going Down

I want to study advocacy Petroleum Engineering

At the University Military New Granada

My vacation

My facebook

I want to live in the city of París-france

My girlfriend called Laura Carolina Perez, she's 15.

My room

My photo "ńera"

These are my friends

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